Welcome to flyfishing saltwater / freshwater.

I dedicated this site to my flyfishing exploits in salt- and freshwater.
As I am located in the eastern part of the Netherlands in the town of
Enschede most of my trips take place in the surrounding area.
As my hometown is located right next to the border with Germany
I have explored the other side of the border extensively and now
spend most of my fishing time there since their waters are more
suited to my style of flyfishing.

Besides the local venues I do sometimes venture further afield like
the annual pilgrimage for searun browns in Denmark.
I have also visited the US on occasions where I fished in the 
states of Florida and Rhode Island.

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Germany 04-04-2014

Latest reports:
Germany 04-04-2014, Germany 30-03-2014, Germany 29-03-2014, Germany 28-03-2014

The season is commencing nicely and have been out quite a few times due to
the unusual warm spring days.
The downside of all of this is the lack of rain which is desperately needed.
Nature is in overdrive and even the chub have come out of their overwintering spots.
Trees are flowering and algea bloom in the water is starting.

After catching a lot of small roach I finally have caught some very decent fish.
Nymphs are working well (most of the time) and the dace are now actively
scanning the surface so dry fly fishing is good.
Most of the stocked trout have been cleared out of the stream as usual but
the smart ones are still hiding out.
Fishing should only get better as time progresses.

One of these days I might find the time to describe the gear I am using
to fish my little stream.
I have written something about the 
flies I use in the my stream.
This stream has a mixed bottom of sand and some gravel sections.
Common insects are midges, segdes, mayflies and shrimp.

I will add some more stuff about baltic sea flies and tropical saltwater flies