Marcel Karssies

Now the skies where an even grey so I figured I might try again.
I spotted some big ones from an old railroad bridge. I opted to move for a spot with easier access where I noticed a whole army of smaller chub. It looked like easy pickings but boy the fish where tough.

Another early outing over the border in bright conditions.
We have a drought in spring for the third year and the stream is at it’s lowest flow possible. The pardon yielded the first trout of the day while the squirmy pulled a small perch from under the tree roots. Trout nr. 2 got away and since I spotted another angler near the spot I fished I moved to a quieter place.

A previous visit to this hotel for fly fishing in the river Wenne was such a pleasure that I quickly made the decision to try my luck again.
At this hotel, run by the Seemer family, you really notice that they go the extra mile to make their guests happy. This can already be seen, for example, from the name tags that come with breakfast
neatly on the tables. It is extremely pleasant for fishermen that there is a drying room is so that your wading clothes can dry properly after a day in the river.